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Our work is all hand made right in the Heart of Bubbaland, just on the South side of Austin Texas. Because they are made by hand and the sheets of glass we use are as well, even though they are part of a limited production line, all of our pieces are really one of a kind.

As with most of our work, irridized glass is used so that the glass looks interesting and beautiful in both transmitted and reflected light. When you specify a color it is the glass color itself, and not the metallic surface color that you are choosing. In many cases we can either minimize the metallic effect or make the piece with non irridized glass, but that may add to the production time.

All of the pieces produced by Studio K are strong enough for daily use, although hand washing is recommended. Depending on the design, the pieces are from 3/16" - 1/2" thick. All of the production work is completely food safe. The iridized surface is actually a micro thin layer of tin, which is very durable but which may be pitted by high acid foods (like tomatoes, citrus) left on it overlong. Because the surface is metallic, never put them in a microwave.